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PSI Standards is a product line of NIST traceable calibration standards from the PSI Standards Laboratory. For over a decade PSI Standards has manufactured OEM Thin Film Calibration Standards for nearly all the major U.S. metrology tool companies. Chances are if you are calibrating your metrology tool using a check sample standard from the tool manufacturer, you may already be using one of our products. Now IC companies QA/QC departments and standards users worldwide have a superior choice, when it comes to ordering and using NIST traceable calibration standards.

The Highest Quality Standards in the Semiconductor Industry...

In the year 2001 The PSI Standards Laboratory recognized a real need by end-users in the industry for a new reliable, high quality and "independent supplier" of Thin Film and other Calibration Standards. So over a period of years we listened to the customers to see what they really wanted and needed in a calibration standard. Then we developed and built the highest quality, most user friendly Thin Film Calibration Standards available in the Semiconductor Industry today. The calibration and monitoring of all Metrology tools using a PSI Standard is one of the most cost effective ways to maximize your process control and yields while maintaining ISO compliance.

Now we invite you to see for yourself the Superior Products, Great Customer Service, Technical Support and fast turn times PSI Standards is currently offering. The Thin Film Standard products are the first release from PSI Standards, of a whole new line of Standards designed for use in the monitoring, calibrating and the standardization of metrology tools in the Semiconductor Industry.

See the Standards page for more details on this calibration standard technology from the PSI Standards Laboratory.

 In the year 2005 the PSI Standards laboratory was first awarded ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation by NVLAP, and in 2020 PSI continues to maintain its ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. Please see our NVLAP scope here

NVLAP Lab Code 200669-0


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